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Excellence in On-Chip ESD Protection Design and Latch-up Reliability for Your IC Products

QPX provides world-class product-proven ESD on-chip protection SOLUTIONS with a focus on advanced CMOS and high-voltage CMOS / BCD technologiesNO IP license fee
Highly effecient and effective protection design with comprehensive, accurate IC ESD integration design rules

QPX offers ESD protection for operation voltages ranging from 1-100V and above, considering typical requirements for e.g. leak < 1nA, RF-ESD cap < 100fF, scalable ESD performance including ultra-high ESD levels of e.g. 8-12kV-HBM for system interfaces, absolut wrong-trigger/latchup immunity, smallest IO footprint e.g. for high-voltage ESD solutions - that are more than competitive with other ESD IP in the market.  

QPX services different international customers
           - IDMs 
           - FABLESS
design houses 
           - FOUNDRIES


One additional QPX strength lies in IC ESD design REVIEW and TROUBLESHOOTING of IC product issues in a thorough ESD/latchup analysis within fast turn-over times. QPX long years of experience have proven successful in many consulting projects from CMOS RF applications (e.g. LVDS in 65nm) and high-voltage automotive LIN transceiver IOs (e.g. with sensitive 45V-LDMOS output) to system-level issues (e.g.  IEC failures). 

TEST SERVICES: QPX has access to a fully equipped lab including TLP and very-fast TLP analysis technique.  

PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION on our services and ESD technology. Experience an unbureaucratic first step in solving your IC ESD/LU problems. We will be glad to visit you to present more information on QPX technology.

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