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QPX acts as a service provider to the world-wide seminconductor industy in many ways

General deliverables and services

  • ESD protection DEVICE/Circuit solutions
    • State-of-the-art device/circuit concepts for advanced technologies
    • Compliant with HBM, MM, CDM
    • Si-proven
    • Linear scalability up to spec level 
    • Superior efficiency adressing your application specs: area, RF cap, noise, low leakage ...
    • High ESD needs, e.g. for system-level protection in  automotive connector pin with  >8kV-HBM / 8kV-IEC and  superior EMI robustness - product proven!
  •  IC PRODUCT integration solutions
    • State-of-the-art CIRCUIT concepts
    • Specific, accurate design RULES & GUIDELINES  
    • ESD design TOOLS 
    • ESD product DESIGN SUPPORT 
  • CONSULTING for IC troubleshooting (ESD, latch-up) and design review - ESD protection IC solutions with customer's ESD device library
  • Most ECONOMIC projects
  • FAST turn-around times

ESD test services

  • QPX offers testing your IC components and ESD test-chips 
  • Availability of Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) and very-fast TLP - full transient analysis including CDM relevant sub-nanosecond behavior
  • HBM, MM, CDM
Consulting services 
  • Pre-tapeout IC reviews e.g. for risk management with assessment of customers ESD solutions 
  • IC product troubleshooting (including customer EOS returns) with failure diagnosis and subsequent solution integration 
  • First-time right implement-ready ESD solutions for many product applications without testchip development 
  • On-site consulting and design support
  • Resource back-up for your own design team
  • Seminars and training
Solution & Design services
  • ESD Design Kits (EDKs) for customer ESD integration
  • ESD library design (with and without test-chip depending on techology process) applying standard & innovative, proprietay Si-proven solutions for both project options:
    • frozen process technology without any need for process change
    • accompanying process development while considering ESD optimization    
  • ESD solution development / design for special pins, e.g. RF, high-voltage, failsafe IO, substrate isolated
  • ESD / Latch-up design rules and guidelines 
  • Application notes specifically for your products
  • Pad IO/power cell integration
In customized projects we meet the needs of our clients from basic product troubleshooting to design projects including know-how transfer.

QPX supports you for an indepedent future of ESD and latch-up reliability

QPX uses adapted, optimized standard solutions (free IP!) as well as proprietary ESD protection device / circuit solutions: pre-conceived and Si-proven, optimized for your applications. 

We can help you with a wide range of in-depth expertise from cutting edge CMOS to advanced high-voltage processes, from LNA RF interfaces to LIN transceiver power switches.

One specialty of QPX is on ESD solution integration into high-voltage technologies
due to the long-term experience in this area. ICs fabricated in these technologies are often applied in harsh environments such as automotives.

Consultation on products that are returned by IC customers because of EOSESD failure are quite common despite same products passed even high component-level ESD specs.

For QPX, meeting the IC specifications in terms of HBM, MM, CDM, and latch-up with cost effective solutions is of highest priority. At the same time, QPX sets new standard in supporting the semiconductor industry to define optimized IC-level solutions, while considering also an error-free IC function in the actual module or system-level operation.

Presently, QPX is cooperating with semiconductor companies in Europe, Japan, and US. From fabless to IDM. From ESD library development, latch-up design-rule implementation, product troubleshooting, and consulting to ESD design tool integration. 

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