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For many years in-depth experience and expertise in ESD protection design and latch-up from research to industry 
  • Research and academia (Ph.D. in ESD-level simulation, device physics, high-voltage ESD protection, more than 25 peer-reviewed papers, TPC members EOSESD, IRPS, ... )
  • Lead ESD design and project engineers in technology development of semiconductor IDM's (e.g. Infineon Technologies AG, Robert Bosch GmbH).
    Close cooperation within industrial matrix environment: technology development, CAD, technology & product quality & reliability, product IC design, marketing 
  • Consultants and service provider in more than 40 cooperation projects with semiconductor companies world-wide (focus: Japan, Europe, US)
QPX - ESD/Latch-up services for
diverse IC process technologies

  • Mature to nano-scale CMOS (0.5u ... 45nm)
  • High-voltage CMOS (18-60V) 
  • Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (Smart-Power, 30-100V)
  • Bipolar-CMOS including SiGe   
  • Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) advanced CMOS
    and high-voltage power
  • High-Voltage Common Drain technology
    for automotive power applications 
QPX - ESD/Latch-up services for
diverse IC product applications
  • Competitive ESD solutions that match you products specifications (e.g. HBM, MM, CDM, latch-up, IEC, ISO ...) as well as your time-to-market needs
  • CMOS: standard IOs, over-voltage tolerant IO,
    various RF-IOs,  mixed-signal,
    analog, digital 
  • High-voltage CMOS / BCD: power management, LCD driver, DCDC/ACDC converter, high-/low-side switches, diverse automotive applications …
  • System-on-Chip (SOC) 
  • System-in-Package 
QPX - services for CAD implementation
  • Pcell integration of your ESD library devices
  • ESD / latch-up EDA tool integration (ongoing)

Special field:
High-Voltage CMOS and Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS
for industrial and automotive products

One focus of QPX services is on robustness of technologies containing lateral & vertical DMOS and/or high-voltage MOS/bipolar transistors with high DC/transient voltage requirements. The IC products fabricated in these technologies often have to operate in harsh environments (e.g. automotives) being exposed to a variety of EM disturbances and large temperature ranges.

A frequent cause of customer returns of
malfunctioning ICs is missing signal integrity or EOS failures caused by ESD protection devices. To avoid these kind of failures the holding voltage of ESD protection device can be increased above the supply voltage.

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